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Installation Support

Implementing the Tricloud Nexus IIoT platform involves a structured model focusing on security and efficiency. The process begins with configuring OT setups, network architecture, and security requirements. This is followed by establishing cloud governance on Azure infrastructure. 

Devices are identified, installed, and provisioned with necessary certificates. Data sources are organized hierarchically with proper tag configuration, facilitating device deployments. Time series data is explored as customers train and build models, generating reports and visualizations, which are run at the edge.

Implementation model

  • OT-Setup (Protocols, Network)
  • Network Architecture
  • Security requirements
  • Cloud Governance

  • Azure infrastructure
  • Provisioning
  • DevOps pipeline platform installation
  • Azure AD configuration
  • Environment (Dev/Test/Prod)

  • Device type identification
  • Device installation & provisioning
  • Certificates

  • Data sources
  • Hierarchy
  • Tag configuration
  • Device deployments

  • Time Series exploration
  • Customer Trains & Builds models
  • Reporting & Visualizations
  • Run model at edge