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Cloud Solutions

Tricloud provides consultancy services in all areas related to cloud computing. Whether the need is for a small proof-of-concept or advisory on the design of a cloud architecture and even development and operation of cloud solutions hosted in Microsoft Azure, we can deliver.

We have vast experience in utilizing Azure to deliver a wide range of solutions, from small system integrations to large enterprise solutions, either cloud-native or hybrid. Solutions spanning technologies like Industrial IoT, data analytics, microservices, serverless compute or high performance computing.

Industrial IoT Edge

Edge computing is evolving to become the next iteration of cloud computing. With edge computing it becomes possible to limit the amount of data send to the cloud, by performing data cleaning, aggregation, data analysis, even machine learning, directly on the edge devices, only to send the insights gained to the cloud, reducing both bandwidth, response time and costs. 

Azure IoT Edge is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology that builds on top of IoT Hub service, which enables offloading of compute resources to edge devices in a secure, modular and containerized way.


Producing high-quality software that both deliver the "right" business value and is delivered at the "right" time is often a difficult task to achieve. By adhering to DevOps principles and practices we are able deliver on those promises.

By combining software development and IT operations practices, we optimize the development using agile processes such as Scrum and Kanban, while promising to continuous deliver value. All achieved through a high-level of automation and build-in quality. We can minimize time-to-market for new features, whether we need to deploy them for your region or globally.

IoT Edge Experts

We used Tricloud’s IoT consultancy services to better understand our maturity in IoT and plan specific improvements to our products. We are very impressed with Tricloud’s architectural and IoT knowledge. Tricloud learned our current state very quickly and delivered tangible recommendations clearly rooted in experience. Tricloud were flexible and enthusiastic throughout the work. Overall we had a great experience working with Tricloud.
We used Tricloud for an overall review and assessment of the architecture of our SaaS platform. The Tricloud team did a thorough and structured assessment and the result was a list of key recommendations and significant improvements to our platform. The process and collaboration were smooth and positive all the way through - We have no doubts about recommending Tricloud.
Anders Pihlkjær, Partner, Lautec

Cloud Architects

Strategic Partner

Tricloud has played a strategic sparring partner role to our digitalization business. Unlike many consultancy firms out there, Tricloud can inspire and guide towards a future proof solution. Tricloud has a unique experience building production grade IoT and cloud solutions combined with unstoppable eagerness to obtain new knowledge and has performed at an unparalleled level of professionalism.
We believe progress through cloud computing is a requirement to ensure our customers stay at the top of their game. We strive to empower our customers to get more value by delivering first class cloud solutions. We bring innovation and adoption of the latest cloud technologies, that brings flexibility in an agile world- with greater speed, and at a lower cost.
Anders Fredborg, CEO & Partner, Tricloud

Our vision

We are

Azure and DevOps experts with the knowledge to design, build, deploy and manage complex cloud-native solutions using Microsoft technologies.

We offer

Expert consultancy services within Microsoft Azure. Our employees have worked with Cloud from the beginning of the Cloud era and hold several certifications within Azure. 

We aim

To help our customers implement cloud-based innovative solutions capable of solving complex challenges and creating new business opportunities, by leveraging the scalability and elasticity of Azure.