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About Tricloud

Tricloud was established in 2019 with the ambition of becoming a preferred partner for delivering Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions and accompanying consultancy services.

Specializing in Industrial IoT, Edge, Cloud, and Data Analytics, we deliver top-tier end-to-end solutions through our unique IIoT platform, a comprehensive service and support organization, and world class consultancy services. 

We are committed to support our customers in achieving continuous manufacturing and process optimization by leveraging cutting-edge software solutions. Our aim is to enable our customers to fully embrace Industry 4.0, ensuring the future resilience of their core business operations.

While Tricloud is a relatively young company, the team consists of highly experienced consultants and software developers. Our team ranges from experts in both IT/OT, Industrial IoT and Cloud computing with the knowledge and experience to design, build, deploy and manage complex solutions using primarily Microsoft technologies. 

We believe that Industry 4.0 technologies - Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and AI - will transform manufacturing industries. These new technologies not only enhance the performance of existing production assets, but also unlock new business opportunities.

Tricloud leadership team

As Microsoft Partner and Azure Data Explorer Partner the Tricloud leadership team hold the Microsoft Azure Solution architect certification and are Microsoft Certified Professionals. They all have a long list of credentials and some of the highest certifications within Microsoft Azure Technologies such as Architecture, Infrastructure, IoT and DevOps.


Phone: +45 3110 4001

Connect: LinkedIn

Anders Fredborg 

CEO & Partner

It’s exciting to work with Industrial IoT as it pushes companies towards digitalization, so they can become more efficient and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future.

CEO and partner Anders Fredborg is a Principal Cloud Architect. He is known for having an eye for detail but can keep a clear overview of the bigger picture. Anders is motivated by finding solutions and solving problems for customers, and he loves to see them grow and improve their business. 

With a master’s degree in informatics from Aalborg University, Anders has spent more than 20 years of his career as a software developer and architect primarily in the energy field. He is a highly experienced Azure cloud architect and full-stack developer in both frontend and backend. Data collection, data analysis and presentations in dashboards and creating UI in the Tricloud Nexus portal is Anders’ primary expertise.


Phone: +45 3050 9977

Connect: LinkedIn

Torben Schwartz

CCO & Partner

I am passionate about creating value for customers, stakeholders, and employees by leveraging technology, data, and collaboration.

CCO and partner Torben Schwartz leads the development and execution of Tricloud's commercial strategy. Corporate entrepreneurship, management and strategy are his specialties. Being motivated by creating innovative solutions for customers Torben loves making new business possibilities with the latest technology.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA Torben has more than 30 years of experience within strategic management, consulting, and business development from the industrial automation industry (OT). Torben has a strong track record in delivering results, driving innovation, and leading change. His primary expertise lies within the field of OT, management, and recruiting.    


Phone: +45 3110 4044

Connect: LinkedIn

Anders Nordberg Lauritsen


Every project is an opportunity to innovate and create solutions that truly make a difference.

Partner Anders Nordberg Lauritsen is a Principal Cloud Consultant and platform developer at Tricloud. He has a strong innovative mindset and excels in creating effective solutions. Anders is motivated by happy and satisfied customers and is great at understanding the customer's needs.   

Anders holds a master’s degree in data technology from the Maersk Institute at SDU and has more than 15 years of experience in the energy production industry. His primary expertise covers areas like SCADA, large-scale data collection systems, and advanced analytics. Anders has functioned as a developing software architect, covering both cloud and on-premises systems. The recent years his main focus has been on Industrial IoT, Computer Vision, and embedded systems.


Phone: +45 3110 2044

Connect: LinkedIn

Mikael Nygaard

CTO & Partner

I love solving problems and creating solutions that brings value to customers, and I love programming.

CTO and partner Mikael Nygaard is a Principal Cloud Consultant and platform developer at Tricloud. He has an eye for keeping a clear view of complex solutions across many different technologies and has a wide IT-knowledge in general. Mikael is motivated by understanding and using new technology and cooperating with customers and skilled colleagues.

Mikael has a diploma in Software Engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience as a software developer mainly using Microsoft technologies, primarily within the field of energy production. As a solution architect Mikael knows how to transform compound customer demands into concrete business value when delivering top quality software solutions. His expertise covers DevOps engineering, Advanced analytics solutions, MLOps, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.