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Keep your solution fully operational at all times


The Operations feature of the platform includes functions to support reliable operation 24/7



Operations can generally be organized into 3 main elements:

Manage - provision, manage and deploy to all your devices

Maintain - diagnose and remotely upgrade installations

Monitor - device health, alarms and dataflow


Take a further look at the operations features below




Manage all your devices from Tricloud Nexus management portal:

The solution supports Microsoft Defender for IoT for central security monitoring.

Setup your edge devices secure and efficiently in an automated workflow.

Configure any module or application and deploy to an edge device or to multiple edge devices in an automated workflow.


Ensure highest possible performance of your IIoT solution:

Built-in diagnostic tools gives full insight into how each edge device and each module is performing. Access diagnostics logs and interact with your modules through the management portal.

Remote service
Remotely maintain and manage all devices, restart modules or edge devices if necessary, thereby mitigating any anomaly or operational incident.

Update center
Update all devices easily through the update center that automatically keeps track of versions on all devices and modules running on edge.


24/7 monitoring of the entire solution, with advanced features:

System alarms gives a fast and easy overview of the current state of the system.

Data flow
Continuous monitoring of the flow of data, ensures focus on stable connections to all technical data providers.

Device health
Edge device health information dashboards enables predictive maintenance and improves overall uptime.