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Additional Services

Project Management

At Tricloud, project management is a core business. Highly skilled and experienced project managers are committed to delivering outstanding project management in both large and small scale and to create value for our customers every step of the way.

Whether you are looking for support for initial project start-up or for a long-term engagement, you can rely on Tricloud to be a trusted partner. You get access to services spanning the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to implementation and full deployment of the solution, reinforced by many years of project management know-how.

Whether it is an IT, OT or IIoT project, your project is unique and will come with its own set of challenges. Using our proven, systematic approach and being part of a fully integrated team, our project managers will help guide your choices.

With decades of project management experience, we will enable your project to succeed, delivering on time and budget.

Change Management

Integrating change management into the project management steps, will help identify and mitigate people-related risks in a more proactive manner. This addresses anticipated obstacles and resistance and will help build commitment and buy-in for the change. At Tricloud, we are fully aware of the organizational challenges that are an essential part of any implementation of new technology. In many cases, a consultant from Tricloud can make a huge difference because we are not part of the organization and can thus function as change agents, ensuring involvement from all relevant stakeholders with the freedom of being an independent partner.