End-to-end services in Industrial IoT and Cloud computing

Industrial IoT

Tricloud can help companies facilitate the transition to IIoT by providing deep technical knowledge and experience of planning, designing and implementing Industrial IoT solutions that can help realize new business opportunities such as:

  • Increased machine utilization
  • Optimized performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved security
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Realtime monitoring
  • New revenue streams

Operational Technology

Tricloud is a company which is closing the gap between classic OT (Industrial Automation) and new IT solutions based on cloud technology. We have expertise in both areas and are able to offer consultancy services no matter the challenge. Being able to understand both worlds (so to speak), we are generally able to come up with better overall solutions for our customers.




At Tricloud, project management is a core business. Highly skilled and experienced project managers are committed to delivering outstanding project management in both large and small scale and to creating value for our customers every step of the way. Whether it is an IT, OT or IIoT project, your project is unique and will come with its own set of challenges. Using our proven, systematic approach and being part of a fully integrated team, our project managers will help guide your choices.




Security is paramount when cloud-enabling a device, machine or even an entire factory. Tricloud builds systems based on software from Microsoft that was designed with security in mind. Using industry standards and best practices in designing IoT security, we ensure that assets are kept safe and communication remains uncompromised and private.

Customer reviews

We used Tricloud’s IoT consultancy services to better understand our maturity in IoT and plan specific improvements to our products. We are very impressed with Tricloud’s architectural and IoT knowledge. Tricloud learned our current state very quickly and delivered tangible recommendations clearly rooted in experience. Tricloud were flexible and enthusiastic throughout the work. Overall we had a great experience working with Tricloud.

Alex Clerc, SMART Product Manager, RES Group


Customer reviews

We used Tricloud for an overall review and assessment of the architecture of our SaaS platform. The Tricloud team did a thorough and structured assessment and the result was a list of key recommendations and significant improvements to our platform. The process and collaboration were smooth and positive all the way through - We have no doubts about recommending Tricloud.

Anders Pihlkjær, Partner, Lautec


Customer reviews


"Strategic Partner"


Tricloud has played a strategic sparring partner role to our digitalization business. Unlike many consultancy firms out there, Tricloud can inspire and guide towards a future proof solution. Tricloud has a unique experience building production grade IoT and cloud solutions combined with unstoppable eagerness to obtain new knowledge and has performed at an unparalleled level of professionalism.

Umid Akhmedov, Director Architecture, Data & Analytics


Core Business

Many companies are struggling to find their path to success in a more and more digitalized world. “Data is the new oil” but how can we profit from all the information that is available in the manufacturing environment. One of the main challenges, when trying to take advantage of the industry 4.0 umbrella of technologies, is to effectively integrate the manufacturing shop floor systems with the technologies available in the cloud. That is our mission; to help companies succeed getting the fundamentals right in this integration process. Tricloud delivers on three key areas, supporting companies in their integration efforts:

  • Tricloud IIoT platform : Tricloud Nexus™
  • Service and support
  • Consultancy and software development



Tricloud Nexus

The Tricloud Nexus platform is an infrastructure solution connecting the manufacturing processes to the cloud. The Tricloud Nexus platform takes care of all integration issues from the manufacturing automation systems to the cloud and even more importantly – back to the manufacturing process – thereby unlocking unprecedented opportunities for optimization and new business models.

Service & Support

We expect companies’ IIoT solutions to become increasingly strategically critical for many of our customers in the coming years, and Tricloud is committed to providing world-class service and support for our solutions.


We provide the platform, we provide the technical support, and we help our customers from the very first steps of their IIoT journey until they feel comfortable operating their IIoT platform on their own.