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Configure and build your IIoT solution in days


The Applications feature of the platform, provides the possibility to adapt the solution to each individual use-case 




The applications features can generally be organized into 3 main elements:

Design - data collectors, models and publish to UNS and data stores

Build - use existing modules or 3rd party containers to build applications or build your own modules using our SDK

Integrate - to legacy systems at edge or build your own service offerings by extending the platform in cloud


Take a further look at the applications features below




Setup your data collection routines in 3 easy steps:

Data collectors
Configure your edge devices with the necessary data collector modules from the built-in Module & Application Store. 

Unified Namespace
Connect to data providers and define an asset model to organize your data in a logical and manageable structure. (Supports ISA 95.2, and ingestion into a companywide UNS)

Data Stores and Historians
Store your data in a cloud-based time series database or historian.


Configure and build your solution using the built-in Modules and Application Store:

Platform modules & applications
Tricloud Nexus contains dozens of modules & applications, ready to use as part of your solution.

SDK - Software Development Kit
Use the software development kit to develop your own modules or apps. Both .NET and Python is supported.

3rd party containers 
Import containers as modules from 3rd party providers, use thousands of open source applications, or import trained AI algorithms.


Comprehensive options for integration to other systems:

Modules & Applications on Edge
Integrate to legacy systems including SCADA, MES, LIMS and more. Run applications on edge for maximum operational efficiency.

Integrate the platform with your enterprise by using the Nexus REST Api or standard Azure resources to build additional applications to extend the platform.

Service management
Integrate to companywide service management solution for easy organizational anchoring.