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Organizational implementation

Implementing the Tricloud Nexus IIoT platform organizationally involves a strategic model focusing on stakeholder engagement and operational readiness. The process begins with conducting a stakeholder analysis and an IoT organizational assessment to define operational requirements and establish clear service level agreements.

Change management is critical, ensuring smooth transitions and adaptation within the organization. A comprehensive support agreement outlines documentation and support process workflows to maintain operational efficiency.

This structured approach ensures a well-prepared organization, ready to effectively operate and support the IIoT platform.

Organizational implementation model

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • IoT org. Assessment
  • Operational requirements

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Change management

  • Support agreement
  • Change management
  • Documentation
  • Support process workflow

  • IoT Academy
  • Developer training
  • Operational training
  • Architecture and design

  • Solution in full operation