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Trial Program

Get hands-on access to all features and functionalities within the Tricloud Nexus™ platform

30 days free trial program

Join our 30-day free trial program

The Tricloud Nexus™ platform, is one of the most complete industrial IoT orchestrations platforms based on Microsoft Azure Cloud services on the market.

Implement DataOps intelligence at the edge to collect and contextualize data, ingest it into a unified namespace, and deploy modules and purpose-built applications back to the edge for workflow automation and production process optimization.

Continue to iterate and improve your digitalization solution without compromising operational excellence.
Enroll in our 30-day free trial program today to gain hands-on access to all the features and functionalities offered by Tricloud Nexus™. Start evaluating the software in your unique environment and see how it can meet your specific needs.

If you lack access to your own Microsoft Azure subscription, we provide a Trial Accelerator Kit. The kit includes sample configurations and data, along with preparatory exercises designed to familiarize you with the features, capabilities, and user interface of Tricloud Nexus™.
Throughout your trial period, Tricloud experts will be available to assist you every step of the way.

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