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Software development

Tricloud is covering a large skillset in software development.

Cloud Design & Migration

Let us speed up you cloud transformation with our consulting services. We can help you design a new system in the cloud or migrate your existing on-premises solutions into cheaper more reliable cloud solutions. We have the experience to aid you on your journey with our assessments:

  • Cloud suitability- and readiness assessment
  • Cloud strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Cloud cost analysis
Cloud Architectures & Frameworks

Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud by utilizing a set of best practice cloud frameworks. We have experience in designing both complex enterprise microservices platforms, as well as smaller and lean cloud architectures that take advantage of serverless compute. Both scenarios will benefit from DevOps and promises continuous delivery with no down-time:

  • Design for Scale and Resiliency using Microservices or Serverless compute
  • Best practices cloud patterns used in ever design
  • Track record of proven frameworks
Cloud Development

We offer highly experienced developers (+15 years of experience), who can help you implement the code required for your project. Our code follows the SOLID principles and we never deliver code that has not been reviewed or properly tested whether its Unit- or integration tested. We use the highest security standards and can deliver applications that integrate with your existing enterprise Active Directory:

  • SOLID & Reviewed code
  • Rapid application development cycles & 100% automated testing
  • Quality Apps with Enterprise Integration
OT Software development

Software development in the Operations technology space, also known as Industrial IT & Automation are often based on proprietary software development platforms tightly connected to the actual hardware typically PLC’s or DCS controllers. Tricloud consultants have many years experience in software development on major vendor systems in classical automation including Siemens and Rockwell systems. On the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition level (SCADA), we are familiar with leading vendors like Wonderware, Osisoft etc. We understand the concept of Manufacturing Executions Systems, and are able to work with various vendors in that field as well. Our primary focus is on Industrial IoT, but when necessary we pull on our competencies and experience in the OT space as well.