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Learn how to maximize the value of Tricloud Nexus

Nexus Academy

Tricloud offers a comprehensive training program, educating your organization using Tricloud Nexus solution.

Module 1: IIoT fundamentals

Join our one-day Industrial IoT (IIoT) training to explore key concepts, implementation strategies, and data management. Learn about security challenges, risk management, and the importance of change leadership in IIoT adoption. Engage in discussions, case studies, and practical exercises to drive operational efficiency and innovation. 

Module 2: Applications

Join our two-day training session on Applications to enhance your skills in designing, building, and integrating IIoT solutions. Key areas include:

  • Design: Set up data collectors, connect to data providers, and organize data in a cloud-based time series database or historian.
  • Build: Use built-in modules, the SDK for custom development, and third-party containers to create applications.
  • Integrate: Integrate with legacy systems and extend services in the cloud using Nexus REST API and Azure resources.

Engage in practical exercises and discussions to maximize the platform's potential and improve your technical proficiency.

Module 3: Operations

Join our one-day training session on Operations to effectively manage, maintain, and monitor your IIoT devices. Key areas include:

  • Manage: Provision, manage, and deploy devices using Tricloud Nexus, with security supported by Microsoft Defender for IoT.
  • Maintain: Use diagnostic tools and remote services to ensure optimal performance and handle updates efficiently.
  • Monitor: Utilize 24/7 monitoring with advanced features for alarms, data flow analysis, and device health dashboards for predictive maintenance.

Participate in hands-on exercises and discussions to enhance operational efficiency and system reliability.

Module 4: Insights

Join our two-day training session on Insights to master data visualization, analysis, and improvement. Key areas include:

  • Visualize: Real-time and historical data visualization using time series explorers and customizable dashboards; integrate tools like Power BI, Grafana, and Tableau.
  • Analyze: Utilize Azure Data Explorer for advanced analytics and machine learning; leverage third-party analysis software.
  • Improve: Train and deploy ML models at the edge for process optimization.

Engage in hands-on exercises and discussions to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.