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RES - IoT Assessment

Tricloud Consultancy Elevates RES' IoT Capabilities

We used Tricloud’s IoT consultancy services to better understand our maturity in IoT and plan specific improvements to our products.

Alex Clerc, SMART Product Manager, RES Group


In order to optimize your business processes, you need to be able to effectively manage, maintain, and monitor a fleet of IoT devices. To do this securely demands precise architectural configurations and insight into your system.

The global renewable energy company RES decided to engage with Tricloud and use their consultancy services to get this insight. RES needed an external look at their existing system, what issues could be found, and how they could be solved.


We are very impressed with Tricloud’s architectural and IoT knowledge.

Alex Clerc, SMART Product Manager, RES Group.


A thorough analysis rooted in experience

With Tricloud’s expertise in IoT-platforms and integration of different types of devices, and with their strong experience in going from proof-of-concept to implementing an enterprise-ready system, they made an assessment for RES.

This in-depth knowledge became visible through an extensive analysis of RES’ existing set-up and finalised in a comprehensive rapport with recommendations for improvements of their set-up.


Tricloud learned our current state very quickly and delivered tangible recommendations clearly rooted in experience.

Alex Clerc, SMART Product Manager, RES Group


The recommendations focused on improvements to the overall security, operational processes, and architectural design patterns. This involved improvement of how RES conducted device provisioning, monitoring, and deployment, as well as the development of a specific solution architecture for computer vision applications.


Tricloud were flexible and enthusiastic throughout the work. Overall, we had a great experience working with Tricloud.

Alex Clerc, SMART Product Manager, RES Group


The beginning of an Industrial IoT solution

The recommendations that Tricloud suggested for RES, became a guideline for the development of Tricloud’s own IoT platform Tricloud Nexus. A platform with a flexible system that consists of customizable modules and applications. A platform that easily connects your assets to the cloud, so you can collect data and get extensive insights into your operational processes. A platform that lets you manage and monitor all your devices that lets you manage and monitor your devices remotely at scale.