Nothing is more useful than the power of an example, below we have illustrated some generic and real world examples of how the Tricloud IIoT platform plays an important role in utilising the power of Industrial IoT and data analytics.

IoT platform to collect operational time series data from renewable energy

In 2021 Tricloud engaged with RES Group (Renewable Energy System), the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, operating 22 GW of renewable energy globally.

Inline quality control through high resolution cameras

The Tricloud IoT platform enables image classification, thereby making it possible to do advanced inline visual inspection, and at the same time create data used for troubleshooting and optimisation of production line output and quality.

Predictive maintenance in many industries

By collecting data from the manufacturing floor, and over time monitor the state of equipment, the goal is to find patterns that can help predict and ultimately prevent failures. By estimating RUL - remaining useful life, you can better schedule maintenance in advance, and as a consequence improve production asset reliability and delivery ontime.

Optimising complex fermentation processes

The ability to combine huge amount of data in the cloud, makes it possible to create algorithms that can supervise and control reallife fermentation batches, optimising yield and reducing waste significantly