Industrial IoT platform

Tricloud Industrial IoT platform provides fast, easy and cost effective installation, enabling immediate focus on optimising business

Functional model of the Tricloud Industrial IoT Platform


Key functions....




Configuring and deploying the data collection function and storage



Analysing and visualizing collected data

Business Process Integration

Business Process Integration

Integrating platform data with business process applications

Remote service

Remote service

Enabling full remote service on platform



Securing flawless operation through intelligent monitoring tools

Device management

Device management

Provisioning and configuration deployment



Continuous platform monitoring for maximum security 



Dataanalytics and training of algorithms/models on collected data



Training, deploying and executing ML models on edge

Core components

The Tricloud Industrial IoT platform is build on top of standard Microsoft Azure IoT services. Each component in the system is interchangeable, making the platform very robust, flexible and future proof by this modular design approach.

Platform components
Platform components

Tricloud IIoT Platform is an interplay between hardware and software

Tricloud’s IIoT platform is based on the latest virtualization technologies allowing the system to adapt to many types of hardware. The backend system is based on Microsoft Azure for reliability, security and scalability. The platform supports all basic hardware options typically used in an IIoT system:

  • Platform software (customer-hosted or Software-as-a-Service) – the actual, base software product
  • Edge devices – these act as an intermediary, connecting the software “brain” to the rest of the “body” in the physical world
  • IoT devices and sensors 
  • Smart sensors
  • Cameras for visual identification
  • I/O gateways
  • Industrial assets and machines
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMIs)




The system also includes all of the necessary APIs (interfaces) to develop applications and integrate into existing systems of record. Platform software can include everything from:

  • Data visualization tools
  • Mobile device support
  • Various operating systems
  • Data storage tools 
  • Other types of cloud-based software (SaaS)
  • Protocol converters

As described above, the Tricloud IIoT platform is extremely versatile and can be a robust platform for creating a company that utilizes its data resources to its full potential, bridging the gap between the traditional OT world and the world of cloud computing.

What is Tricloud IIoT Platform?

The Tricloud IIoT platform is a system for connecting industrial processes with backend information systems. The Tricloud IIoT platform is a hardware agnostic IT platform that enables organizations to build applications which optimize the supply chain in new exciting ways.

Fundamentally, Tricloud’s IIoT platform is a tool for improving connectivity, control and data analysis in industrial environments.

What will Triclouds IIoT Platform Do?

You can look at Tricloud’s IIoT platform in the same way as a central nervous system with the brain as the decision-making element.

Crucially, Tricloud’s IIoT platform gives manufacturing companies control over their production lines and processes in ways that were previously impossible.


The platform enables engineers and data scientists to design new applications and algorithms improving business processes, e.g.,:

    • Optimizing machine utilization 
    • Inline quality checks using vision pattern recognition
    • Predictive asset maintenance optimization
    • Complex manufacturing process supervision, optimization and control using AI and Machine Learning,

Tricloud IIoT Platform as the enabling middle layer

The system enables tighter coordination between factory floor operations, business logic and prioritizations. The Tricloud IIoT platform can be described as a “middle layer” in manufacturing companies’ digital ecosystems. On the one hand, you have the IT backend. On the other, you have factory floor manufacturing processes.



Previously, these different layers existed in isolation. Or they were integrated manually at select points such as inventory consumption and work order generation managed through an ERP system. The Tricloud IIoT system allows a direct line between cloud-based and/or customer-hosted compute resources and the shop floor. By connecting the sensors and machines that collect data during production runs, the Tricloud IIoT platform establishes a direct line between the places and times when data is collected and the tools needed to analyze the data.



Further, Tricloud’s IIoT platform makes it possible for different operation machines to communicate with other machines (also known as Machine-to-Machine or M2M communication).

Cloud technologies brings a new level of supply chain intelligence to the factory floor.

Connecting the factory floor to the cloud, the Tricloud IIoT platform makes it possible to analyze data and send optimized/trained supervision and control algorithms to the Tricloud Edge for real-time process optimization.

The platform enables direct algorithmic control of the manufacturing process by connecting the process values and the setpoints directly to the algorithm either in full autonomy or under operator supervision. This brings an almost revolutionary level of control and efficiency to the shop floor.

Benefits of Tricloud IIoT platform

If Internet of Things (IoT) increases convenience in everyday life, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) creates value in the industrial world. Here are three of the key benefits of the Tricloud IIoT platform:

Coordinating Your Connected Factory

The digital era is fundamentally about connectivity. It is about bringing machines and processes online. Tricloud’s IIoT platform allows you to coordinate your connected devices and processes, removing the technical challenges of creating a uniform and homogenous system.

Application Development

Research shows that manufacturing is moving toward a micro-services and applications model very fast. This is because modern manufacturing, where conditions and requirements change often, requires an agile approach.

Tricloud’s IIoT platform lets you develop applications for your unique improvements and challenges. These applications can connect to your sensors and devices, collect data on the human and machine elements of processes and eliminate the most common sources of error on the shop floor.

Better knowledge and optimised business from Data

You have probably heard the phrase “data is the new oil.” That is because data is quickly becoming the most valuable commodity on the planet. Tricloud’s IIoT platform collects data automatically, enabling a new level of visibility and insights.

Moreover, data is the key to the most exciting advances promised by Industry 4.0. Without high-quality data, there is no way to implement the AI machine learning models that make predictive maintenance and advanced process control possible.

Why it matters for you

Whether you are an engineer, a plant manager, a machinist or an executive, the Tricloud IIoT platform offers concrete benefits.

For engineers, platforms mean more control and fewer headaches. If you can imagine an improvement, you can design it.

For operators, platforms mean more efficient, safe and human-friendly workflows.

And for management, platforms mean simplified reporting, more effective improvements and a solution that effortlessly scales from one production line to multiple production plants. With the Tricloud IIoT platform, you can build new businesses, using data to create new services.