Platform functions

Data is collected from the factory floor through the Tricloud Edge Unit, and passed on to the cloud.


This is how our Tricloud

Industrial IoT Platform works


  1. Data is collected from the factory floor through the Tricloud Edge Unit and passed on to the cloud.
  2. Data is visualized through the Tricloud Portal and can be analyzed and used for training of algorithms.
  3. Algorithms are stored in the Tricloud module store from where they can be deployed back to the edge and connected to the factory floor’s automation or DCS systems.

Data Collection:

  • Major protocols supported OPC UA, Modbus, Ftp, MQTT, other protocols supported through gateways
  • Supporting large scale installations (thousand of tags per second)
  • Scalable data collection, supporting thousands of tags
  • Time series processing at the edge
  • Unified datamodel
  • Hot path & Cold path data ingestion
  • Health monitoring – logs and metrics

Model execution:

  • Run custom models at edge using containers
  • Use model to supervise or control manufacturing processes
  • Configure model output to ingest to cloud
  • Models can be executed on tag output, camera images and video streams
  • Language agnostic model development
  • Resilient towards connectivity outages


  • Directly supported datastores
    • Azure Timeseries insights
    • Azure data explorer
    • Azure datalake
  • Can be extended to support other datastores


  • WebPortal support exploration of realtime or historical timeseries as graphs.
  • Storage supports visualization using Power BI, Grafana, Tableau and others
  • Storage supports alarms and notifications


  • Use collected datapoints  to train Machine Learning models (ML)
  • Train image classification models from captured images
  • Develop decision support model

Module store:

  • Self service configuration and deployment of models to edge
  • Support ML-Ops process to continuously improve and predict
  • Integrates with container registries

Tricloud Portal

The Tricloud Portal handles all configuration, monitoring and management of the system, including:

  • Integrated with Azure AD - Users and Roles
  • Asset modelling
  • Provisioning of edge devices
  • Device management
  • Device health monitoring
  • Easy deployment to device
  • Multiple timeseries storage support

Explore data

The Tricloud Portal lets you explore your data and do analysis, including:

  • Explore deployed Tags from multiple devices
  • Watch real-time measurement-streams
  • Explore Historical Time Series
  • Write Kusto Queries (KQL)
  • Supports multiple Time Series Storage technologies
  • Continuous export to Datalake
  • Supports multiple graph tools via API such as PowerBi, Tableau and Grafana