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We are always on the lookout for digital talents.

At Tricloud we work hard every day on realising our ambition, of being the best possible workplace for digital talent, and at the same time provide solutions for our customers that supports their effort in becoming more competitive and successful.

Come join the Tricloud team!

Tricloud is a young company, with a lot of experience and knowhow!

We are anchored together in strong values, we respect people and diversity, we encourage teamwork, we uphold the highest standards in all our actions and are truly committet to quality and developing a strong relationsship with our customers.

The Tricloud culture is focussed on innovation and an agile work environment, with an informal and relaxed atmosphere. 

We are also highly committet to ensuring the best possible working environment, and at the same time focussed on work-life balance.

Come join us, and be part of an incredible journey!





"Joining Tricloud as a developer has been the best career decision I have ever made. Working closely with extremely experienced co-workers every day, on a modern streamlined tech stack, and a flexible working environment, has given me all the job satisfaction I could ever have wished for.

Every day I feel impactful and enjoys the praise of our impressed and satisfied customers."

- Tobias Gaarde, Frontend Developer at Tricloud


Career opportunities

Tricloud is a young and fast growing company. There will be many new and exciting career possibilities moving ahead. We are always striving towards, finding job assignments that meet your individual skill level, but with the possibility for further development your competencies in new areas as well. We believe in continuous development and learning, resulting in expanding and improving your personal future career opportunities. You will be part of a very talented and experienced team, where knowledge will be shared freely among all employees. 

IoT Developer

As an IoT developer you will work at the forefront of IoT development, together we will explore and define the future of Industrial IoT, utilizing the latest IoT and Cloud technologies to bring new, powerful solutions to the manufacturing industry and beyond.

We are working with Azure IoT Hub/Edge, Linux , Docker, Integration to SCADA systems and working with Industrial communication protocols, including OPC UA among others.  Our work is based on Azure DevOps, Github and other tools. 



Full-Stack Developer

As a full-stack developer at Tricloud, you will work together with - and learn from - some of the most experienced people in the industry.

We are working with Azure Cloud technologies, .net 6 C#, Linux, Docker, WASM, HTML, CSS, javascripts, DevOps, Python, Powershell and many more technologies.

As a Full-Stack developer you will be assigned to Customer IoT projects, consultancy work advising on software technologies as well as internal product development tasks


Front-end Developer

As a Front-end developer you will not only be working on Front-end development, but will have the opportunity to work on some back-end API developemnt as well.

At Tricloud we work with the following technologies, HTML, CSS, Javascrip, Single page applications, ASP.NET Blazor, WASM, Oauth, OpenID Connect, We Sockets and C# (.Net 6)

As a Front-end developer you have a important role in creating UI//UX mockups, and contribute to improvement of the visual design of Tricloud products.